Rides & Attractions

Clown Town

Welcome to Clown Town! This demented group of clowns have taken over the Midway and transformed it into a nightmare that anybody entering will not soon forget. Watch your back as these pranksters will stop at nothing to get a scream out of you and then laugh at your expense.

Location: Midway Games

Timber Terror

After leaving the loading station, you climb straight up the first hill, 85 feet in the air. Turning, you make the drop into the first chain of hills, provoking Timber Terror's well-known sensation of weightlessness. It is not over yet though; as you head back, you will scream your way through another run of hills before roaring into a crushing 360-degree turn, finally arriving back at the loading station. All while facing backwards!

Location: Roller Coaster Alley

Zombiewood Express

Hop aboard the Zombiewood Express! Take a zombie hunting expedition through the Silverwood backwoods with your guide Sgt. Buzz and his gang of zombie killers. There is nothing that makes Sgt. Buzz more excited than killing millions of zombies along the way. This will get messy! (Not recommended for anyone under 17 years old. Heavy profanity on board)

Location: Main Street

Rolling Bones

If you are feeling cold to the core, then make your way over to the High Moon Saloon and enjoy the music of the "Rolling Bones." This band of skeletons will be performing all night for your enjoyment when your hands are numb or you need a break from the terror happening outside the saloon doors. Just sit back and relax to the sounds of the dead.

Location: Main Street


The perfect picture is always right around the corner. As you make your way down the path to the unknown, a mysterious greek structure has been constructed for your photographic desires. Walk right up but choose wisely what statue you stand next to because what you once thought was fake might turn that smile into a horrific scream.

Location: Country Carnival

Total Darkness

When the lights go out, there’s nothing to stop your brain from becoming your own worst enemy. Pitch black! Did you hear that? What’s that touching my leg? I need to get out of here! Snakes, spiders, and cockroaches fill the room…and that’s only the queue line waiting to get into the maze.

Location: Theater of Illusions

Blood Bayou

Enter the bayou where anything can happen and cannibals lurk behind every corner. This fan favorite has received an update this year with new rooms for you to explore and ALL NEW scares behind every door. There is one way in and only one way out. The question is whether you will you make it out alive?

Location: Main Street

Ghouls Gone Wild

1, 2, 3 SMILE! Are you brave enough to work up the courage to take a photo with these monsters? It's not easy because there is one problem...they hate smiles. All new photo op for 2013!

Location: Country Carnival

The Ancient Ruins

Many enter and only few escape. It is rummored that an archaeological expedition has been swallowed up whole by whatever is lurking around in the darkness. Make quiet and subtle movements through this jungle because you never know what is around the corner. It's easy to get lost...and even easier to get captured. Enter if you dare!

Location: Thunder Canyon


Last year’s NEW attraction has now gotten even better!! The demented Rusty Sprocket has moved his 3D fun house to the south end of the park, which now boasts over 5,300 square feet of ALL NEW scares and 3D illusions. Put on your 3D glasses if you dare because each turn will bring you to a whole new level of fear.

Location: Pavilions

Zambora's Curse

Step right up ladies and gentleman! You won't believe your eyes! Come and see the amazing girl from the depths of the jungle whose curse will leave your jaw on the floor. Step right up and see something so bizarre, so unusual, and so scary it might just leave you running for the door.

Location: Old 3Dementia

The Crypts

Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? That uneasy feeling of what you once thought was dead is really alive. All eyes are on you as you walk through the grounds of The Crypts and the only thing you can hope for is that the dead really do rest in peace.

Location: Country Carnival

Crime Scene

Something or someone has been committing heinous crimes and displaying them for all to see. Strung up in body bags, the victims don't have a scream to warn innocent spectators of what is lurking behind them. Whatever you do, don't cross the yellow tape or you might be a part of the next crime scene.

Location: Roller Coaster Alley

The Scarywood Nest

There is only one way to get to the other side, and that is through this web-engulfed infestation. If you don't already suffer from arachnophobia, you will after walking through The Scarywood Nest.

Location: Country Carnival

The Scarywood Vortex Tunnel

There is only thing for certain, the Scarywood Vortex Tunnel will leave your head spinning.

Location: Roller Coaster Alley

Scarecrow Corner

When walking through the stalks of corn, there might be something stalking you!

Location: Roller Coaster Alley