Scarywood: Haunts

Saturday Oct. 23rd:

Tickets are SOLD OUT. Tickets are NOT sold at the gate.


Blood Bayou

Enter the bayou where the blood flows freely and cannibals lurk behind every ... Read More

RATING: Level 5

LOCATION: Main Street


Dr Delirium's 3D Rockhouse

Welcome to the funhouse of your nightmares... Read More

RATING: Level 3

LOCATION: Aftershock


Pharaoh's Curse

The splendors have been stolen and an ancient evil has been awakened. All who enter will be... Read More

RATING: Level 4

LOCATION: Across from Thunder Canyon


Planet Zombie

The zombie infection is worse than it has ever been. Sgt. Buzz and his crew of... Read More

RATING: Level 5

LOCATION: Between Scrambler and Super Roundup


Total Darkness

Welcome to your worst nightmare...your own mind. When the lights go out and... Read More

RATING: Level 3

LOCATION: Pavilion 1


Scarywood may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children 12 and under.
No costumes or masks of any kind allowed. No re-entry to the park once admitted.
Scarywood tickets are nonrefundable.
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